You reminded of my “first love”, an MB

I have long wanted a Mercedes 350SL. I have loved the lines of the car. It is only a 2 seater so it’s not practical and on a trip, I bring along too much junk to warrant it for road trips. I think the hankerin’ for one of these cars has lasted so long because it became my love during my “coming of age” years. If it were not for the 350SL, I would go for a 450SL. They look similar and I guess that is where it comes from.

This reminds me we have a friend from way back in college (late 70s-early 80s) who said he was not going to marry till he owned a jeep and a Mercedes. Well, he made it half way, he had a jeep but to my knowledge never owned a Mercedes. He married in in the early 80s. So the MB lost out to love, kids, and real life.