It’s funny even after all the years I have been paying bills

And especially four years on the DR plan how your mind will work. On Thursday night our power went out with no warning. Our first reaction was to ask ds if he paid the bill. LOL! Of course he had. We all then laughed because we have never had our power shut off due to non-payment, even when we were unemployed. Still our first thought was—did ds forget? We are baaaaad people. Luckily it went off right at dark, so we just went to bed and it came back on during the night.
Another knee jerk was brought on by my looking over our budget for the remainder of the year and seeing the debt pay off was going a little bit slower than I want. Knee jerk? What can we sell, where can we cut more? So then I reworked things here and there, adapted for no longer having XM and felt better about the next six months when I was finished.
Knee jerk #3. Mamas and little ones must be protected. I stalled my one merchandising job for the week until the weekend so ds would be here to keep an eye on Serenity and her little one while we wait for the last egg to either hatch or rupture (the other two apparently were damaged by the snake because they blew up) Talk about smell bad, right under my front door! YECH!
Weather has warmed up, so we set the sprinklers up for what little I have planted in the garden. They are on the a timer to cut down the usage of water. But then we started getting rain again, so we turned the water off to the sprinklers. I also got some more Egyptian onions planted. Slowly but surely I’m getting the garden in.
Saturday, after doing my mystery shop, dh and I went “window shopping” fifth wheels. No, not to buy one—no way. But to get ideas on things we can do to make the storage in ours more efficient for when we hit the road. The dealership we purchased our unit from was having their big annual sale, complete with giveaways. So we made the drive over to look at things and feel good about the fact ours is paid for. We had fun looking at all the new units and comparing them to what we already had. Guess what, we decided what we have is better than anything they had to offer. We have more storage. Ours is lighter to pull and sleeps more than most units do the same size. Not to mention the zero balance owed on ours and the units we were looking at of the same size or slightly bigger were running $44,000 to $54,000. That’s more than one of my mortgage balances!!!
I can remember when we’d of not considered all these things and bought one on credit. Our knee jerk now is “Are you kidding me?”
I finalized the sale of the incubator, plus the lady purchased other bird equipment we had for an additional $50 . My knee jerk on it was to snowball it all, I really wanted to do that, but we didn’t. Dh and I spent $135 of it on our half of a portable air conditioner for the office. All three of us have some money making opportunities (GSHLoans) coming up that require using the equipment in the office for long periods of time. The problem is because of it being an upstairs room on a semi sunny side of the house by 10:00 am it is already over 80 and climbing in there.
I had been banned from being in there for more than 15 minutes at a time because I’ve had heat related illnesses several times—fat sizzles and I shut down. So the three of us discussed it and ds offered to pay half on a portable unit for that room. We settled on the portable rather than a window unit because there are no windows in that room. Just a sliding glass door. The guys worked out an idea for the venting that needed to be done for such a unit similar to the doggie door we jury rigged for the sunroom for the girls. We had everything to do it except two 2×2 s and some weather stripping. They spent part of Father’s Day fixing the vent for the unit up so I can start working up there today finishing the organization of the room even though we are suppose to have over 90 degree temps today.
I officially declared the pantry re-do finished and will be putting a blog post with photos up later today or tomorrow most likely. I am very proud of the way it has all worked out. I’ve been working with it for over two weeks now and have found no problems with the layout what so ever. The guys love it and I’ve not heard one single “Mom, where’s the…” or “There’s nothing to eat” since we finished it. The light we discussed putting in hasn’t been installed yet, and might not be because of the way we have it set-up no there are really no problems with seeing where everything is.
A lot of things have been going on so of course I blogged. In case you missed one.