I’ll have to check it out if this is one of the channels they are offering us as a teaser. This complimentary service (which, mind you, I’d turned down when I cancelled XM which must have been around the end of April from what I can recall), started over Memorial Day weekend. I told my husband I’d thought I should call them since they started it back up, but they don’t have any way to get money from us since they sent us a bill and we would send them a check once a year for the service for the 3 vehicles, so he told me to forget it, especially since they are blocking the channels we listened to the most (the Bridge on 32, I believe, was another one we can’t access right now).

I recently dropped XM

We’ve been with them since year one (20010, I believe). The young man I spoke to at the end offered to keep us until the end of 2017 with free XM in all 3 of our vehicles. I told him the answer was still “no”, and he too was surprised. He’d offered me so many things and I kept refusing that I told him the only thing left was for him to offer me money and the answer still wasn’t going to change. We actually had a great laugh over his trying to haggle with me and my stubborness to not take him up on the bait. He was a nice kid though, and that particular phone call actually made me smile for the remainder of the day.