After you have been on the LL plan for awhile it actually become quite easy to say no to “special” offers

XM was not happy that I told them I wanted to cancel the service on not one but all three of our radios. They kept trying to give me “special offers” funny thing is the first special offer they gave me was actually higher than what I was currently paying—yeah that’s some incentive. I pointed that out to the young man. So then he sweetened the deal, not once but twice, but each time I said no. He was stunned I didn’t take the final one, it was basically a quarter of a year free, but then I’d be under a contract. I said no thank you, what good is the radio when you cancelled the shows I listen to. He did not deny the shows were cancelled, didn’t even suggest they were still in negotiations.
So now I will be downloading the free podcasts of LL on my ipod from his website. Glenn Beck, Coast to Coast, Ground Zero and other shows we listen to will be downloaded from for free on to our phones, computers and tablets. Audio books will be downloaded from the library for free on all the devices as well. Free is a very good thing. A far better deal than xm was offering us. Not to mention we are not longer tied to listening to certain locations to listen to the radio, all the devices we will now be using are portable, complete with earphones when needed.