OK, I’ll take the bait on this one

My dream car, when money is no object and I simply want the coolest set of wheels in which to go run my errands, or impress my friends, or show up at my whatever-year high school reunion? One of two vehicles – a silver DeLorean, or a 1969 Mustang Mach 1 Fastback. Yea, baby. Rather sooner than that though, I also have my eye on a 1937 Diamond T dually 1-ton farm truck which has been stored in the hay loft of the barn where we rent our land. It’s been parked there since before I was born. The farmer that I rent land from, has told a number of people (us included) that whoever successfully restores it first, gets it. So all my banging on the carburetor this winter for my ’83 Ranger, and my work on our 1939 tractor, and now this work on restoring our 1949 combine, ultimately has an ulterior motive. I want the skillset I need to go restore that old farm truck. Might never have the DeLorean, might never have the Mustang, but I intend to breathe new life into that old Diamond T.