I believe what Kim is speaking of is exactly what just happened to us

Like I’d mentioned earlier, over Memorial Day weekend, our radio was receiving XM channels even though we’d cancelled it the previous month. It was odd since they’d obviously blocked the stations we listened to the most but still played a whole bunch more. I’m assuming she’s saying that we can expect this to continue on and off. They are probably doing something like the cable company does when they offer you certain premium channels that you haven’t subscribed to for a limited period of time for free. We’re not receiving the free XM channels right now, but they were playing for at least a week. I’m guessing we can anticipate receiving them again over the 4th of July weekend since people are in their cars travelling then. It will be interesting to see if it does indeed happen. It’s funny that you can’t get rid of them no matter how hard you try!


I’ll have to check it out if this is one of the channels they are offering us as a teaser. This complimentary service (which, mind you, I’d turned down when I cancelled XM which must have been around the end of April from what I can recall), started over Memorial Day weekend. I told my husband I’d thought I should call them since they started it back up, but they don’t have any way to get money from us since they sent us a bill and we would send them a check once a year for the service for the 3 vehicles, so he told me to forget it, especially since they are blocking the channels we listened to the most (the Bridge on 32, I believe, was another one we can’t access right now).

I recently dropped XM

We’ve been with them since year one (20010, I believe). The young man I spoke to at the end offered to keep us until the end of 2017 with free XM in all 3 of our vehicles. I told him the answer was still “no”, and he too was surprised. He’d offered me so many things and I kept refusing that I told him the only thing left was for him to offer me money and the answer still wasn’t going to change. We actually had a great laugh over his trying to haggle with me and my stubborness to not take him up on the bait. He was a nice kid though, and that particular phone call actually made me smile for the remainder of the day.

We still have satellite tv

Albeit the basic satellite because an antenna won’t work here for our locals. Ds has the basic Netflix, not even the dvd in the mail type. He pays like $8 a month for that and occasionally we watch that with him too. We’ve truthfully discussed getting rid of the satellite too, but after this tornado season we’ve decided paying for the basic is a better idea, I like a little more warning than my phone screaming “You’re going to DIE!” at the last minute.
DVDS don’t work well for us, they are expensive and I for one can’t stand to watch any show more than once. There is too much else to see and do in the world to repeat things like television programs, movies and books. Besides we only watch may 8 hours of tv a week in the evenings. I generally have news on during the day, but that too I could do without.

After you have been on the LL plan for awhile it actually become quite easy to say no to “special” offers

XM was not happy that I told them I wanted to cancel the service on not one but all three of our radios. They kept trying to give me “special offers” funny thing is the first special offer they gave me was actually higher than what I was currently paying—yeah that’s some incentive. I pointed that out to the young man. So then he sweetened the deal, not once but twice, but each time I said no. He was stunned I didn’t take the final one, it was basically a quarter of a year free, but then I’d be under a contract. I said no thank you, what good is the radio when you cancelled the shows I listen to. He did not deny the shows were cancelled, didn’t even suggest they were still in negotiations.
So now I will be downloading the free podcasts of LL on my ipod from his website. Glenn Beck, Coast to Coast, Ground Zero and other shows we listen to will be downloaded from tunein.com for free on to our phones, computers and tablets. Audio books will be downloaded from the library for free on all the devices as well. Free is a very good thing. A far better deal than xm was offering us. Not to mention we are not longer tied to listening to certain locations to listen to the radio, all the devices we will now be using are portable, complete with earphones when needed.

Mutual funds company

I need to find a good company to start investing in a ROTH IRA. I want one that in online. I live in an area where there aren’t a lot of options for in person service so I want to make sure I can do everything online.

We’ve looked into Charles Schwab and they seem Ok but I was hoping someone here could give a company they use or have heard awesome things about. I talked to one of the advisors through DR website and wasn’t impressed. Plus the closest one to me was about an hour away (with traffic)

It’s funny even after all the years I have been paying bills

And especially four years on the DR plan how your mind will work. On Thursday night our power went out with no warning. Our first reaction was to ask ds if he paid the bill. LOL! Of course he had. We all then laughed because we have never had our power shut off due to non-payment, even when we were unemployed. Still our first thought was—did ds forget? We are baaaaad people. Luckily it went off right at dark, so we just went to bed and it came back on during the night.
Another knee jerk was brought on by my looking over our budget for the remainder of the year and seeing the debt pay off was going a little bit slower than I want. Knee jerk? What can we sell, where can we cut more? So then I reworked things here and there, adapted for no longer having XM and felt better about the next six months when I was finished.
Knee jerk #3. Mamas and little ones must be protected. I stalled my one merchandising job for the week until the weekend so ds would be here to keep an eye on Serenity and her little one while we wait for the last egg to either hatch or rupture (the other two apparently were damaged by the snake because they blew up) Talk about smell bad, right under my front door! YECH!
Weather has warmed up, so we set the sprinklers up for what little I have planted in the garden. They are on the a timer to cut down the usage of water. But then we started getting rain again, so we turned the water off to the sprinklers. I also got some more Egyptian onions planted. Slowly but surely I’m getting the garden in.
Saturday, after doing my mystery shop, dh and I went “window shopping” fifth wheels. No, not to buy one—no way. But to get ideas on things we can do to make the storage in ours more efficient for when we hit the road. The dealership we purchased our unit from was having their big annual sale, complete with giveaways. So we made the drive over to look at things and feel good about the fact ours is paid for. We had fun looking at all the new units and comparing them to what we already had. Guess what, we decided what we have is better than anything they had to offer. We have more storage. Ours is lighter to pull and sleeps more than most units do the same size. Not to mention the zero balance owed on ours and the units we were looking at of the same size or slightly bigger were running $44,000 to $54,000. That’s more than one of my mortgage balances!!!
I can remember when we’d of not considered all these things and bought one on credit. Our knee jerk now is “Are you kidding me?”
I finalized the sale of the incubator, plus the lady purchased other bird equipment we had for an additional $50 . My knee jerk on it was to snowball it all, I really wanted to do that, but we didn’t. Dh and I spent $135 of it on our half of a portable air conditioner for the office. All three of us have some money making opportunities (GSHLoans) coming up that require using the equipment in the office for long periods of time. The problem is because of it being an upstairs room on a semi sunny side of the house by 10:00 am it is already over 80 and climbing in there.
I had been banned from being in there for more than 15 minutes at a time because I’ve had heat related illnesses several times—fat sizzles and I shut down. So the three of us discussed it and ds offered to pay half on a portable unit for that room. We settled on the portable rather than a window unit because there are no windows in that room. Just a sliding glass door. The guys worked out an idea for the venting that needed to be done for such a unit similar to the doggie door we jury rigged for the sunroom for the girls. We had everything to do it except two 2×2 s and some weather stripping. They spent part of Father’s Day fixing the vent for the unit up so I can start working up there today finishing the organization of the room even though we are suppose to have over 90 degree temps today.
I officially declared the pantry re-do finished and will be putting a blog post with photos up later today or tomorrow most likely. I am very proud of the way it has all worked out. I’ve been working with it for over two weeks now and have found no problems with the layout what so ever. The guys love it and I’ve not heard one single “Mom, where’s the…” or “There’s nothing to eat” since we finished it. The light we discussed putting in hasn’t been installed yet, and might not be because of the way we have it set-up no there are really no problems with seeing where everything is.
A lot of things have been going on so of course I blogged. In case you missed one.

You reminded of my “first love”, an MB

I have long wanted a Mercedes 350SL. I have loved the lines of the car. It is only a 2 seater so it’s not practical and on a trip, I bring along too much junk to warrant it for road trips. I think the hankerin’ for one of these cars has lasted so long because it became my love during my “coming of age” years. If it were not for the 350SL, I would go for a 450SL. They look similar and I guess that is where it comes from.

This reminds me we have a friend from way back in college (late 70s-early 80s) who said he was not going to marry till he owned a jeep and a Mercedes. Well, he made it half way, he had a jeep but to my knowledge never owned a Mercedes. He married in in the early 80s. So the MB lost out to love, kids, and real life.


i keep saying that at SOME point in my life I’d like to have either a muscle car, a luxury car, or a “Classic” car. At the moment, I don’t know which it will be. I’ve always liked the Lotus Esprit Turbo, and that’s been my dream car for years. Funny, but I also like the two cars Kathryn mentioned – DeLorean and Mach 1. The Mach 1 had been my favorite for a long time, until it was replaced by the DeLorean, then the Lotus.

DeLorean highly over rated

My brother owned one and I know he purchased parts for it from a neighbor of mine. Old guy still has the car–minus parts in his garage. My brother no longer has the car, my mom evicted it from her house in MD, he moved it to NC and his wife finally evicted it. Fortunately, for them it was before a fire took their house.

I already own it. It’s a 2004 Jeep Rubicon

It’s the last year of the “true” Rubicons. It’s on 32 inch rims. We have the winch and all we need is the snorkle. It’s all black. We have neoprene seats. It can go anywhere. Today I had to drive it to run errands and to get my hair done. It never ceases to stop conversations, plus, it’s just plain cool. I did buy it brand new, but when I purchased it I knew I would never sell it (I’ve always loved looking at all the old Jeep Willys you’ll see in small town parades. I wanted to have something that would one day be like one of those). It’s the toy. It’s what I drive when one car is in the shop and dh has to drive the other to work (such as today) which seems to happen more often than not. This is really MY car. I always wanted a Jeep and when I had the money, I bought it. My husband was my then boyfriend when I bought this and he has lovingly put on the lift and changed the gears and done all the work himself. It’s a fun, cool, functional vehicle, that’s a huge head turner. I grew up driving Corvettes, but this is better…

OK, I’ll take the bait on this one

My dream car, when money is no object and I simply want the coolest set of wheels in which to go run my errands, or impress my friends, or show up at my whatever-year high school reunion? One of two vehicles – a silver DeLorean, or a 1969 Mustang Mach 1 Fastback. Yea, baby. Rather sooner than that though, I also have my eye on a 1937 Diamond T dually 1-ton farm truck which has been stored in the hay loft of the barn where we rent our land. It’s been parked there since before I was born. The farmer that I rent land from, has told a number of people (us included) that whoever successfully restores it first, gets it. So all my banging on the carburetor this winter for my ’83 Ranger, and my work on our 1939 tractor, and now this work on restoring our 1949 combine, ultimately has an ulterior motive. I want the skillset I need to go restore that old farm truck. Might never have the DeLorean, might never have the Mustang, but I intend to breathe new life into that old Diamond T.

So… I had to make a run to Walmart earlier today

I needed a new pair of shorts. I only own one pair and I lost weight last summer so they are falling off me and the experienced clothing shop near me had nothing in my size.

As I’m walking out with my purchase I notice the most amazing classic roadster convertible. Beautiful cream color with wood grain and leather etc… Very out of place in the Wally-World parking lot. I thought it odd, but then got a closer look as I was walking to my car…. The license plate said “GAZELLE” Yup… I saw an honest to goodness “Dave Car”. That dream car you pay for with cash after you are well into BS#7. It just made my day.

So tell me… What is your dream “Dave car”?